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Tianjin city Bohai Shipping Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, after nearly twenty years of operation, has become engaged in the ship pollutants receiving, marine pollution prevention and oil spill emergency professional company.

In the years of the prevention and control of pollution in the work, the company has been committed to strengthening the supervision and administration of production safety, improve the quality of staff, improve the supporting facilities, strictly implement the procedures, the company continuously improve management quality and level of service, to do with the marine environment in the prevention and treatment of sewage in the work, the effective performance of individuals, enterprises and social responsibility the realization of economic...[Detail]


Tank cleaning operation at the …

Responded to the 903 oil spill …
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In 2010, Tianjin port environmental health management center and the company signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement, jointly set up the "oil spill emergency coalition". The company responsible for the Tianjin Port (Group) emergency pollution prevention processing Co. Ltd. the wharf; provide oil receiving and processing service for Chinese and foreign ship docked at the pier; Tianjin Port regularly for the waters of fishing floats. Tianjin Port (Group) Co. Ltd., Tianjin port part of the passenger terminal into emergency equipment warehouse and storage ...[Detail]

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Tianjin HBH Sea Service Co., Ltd.


Office Phone:+86-22-25811117


Address:Bohai Road, Tianjin Binhai New Area of Oil City Center Business District No. 999 of the Committee dredging management base office building on the third floor

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